Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow in Happy Lane

After yesterday's sadness today was a better day. Why? Just because.

Oh and it snowed.

Those of us in Bristol and the surrounding area finally woke up to this cold, soft, wet white stuff falling out of the sky. I think it's called snow, at least that's what the people on the NEWS are calling it and on that programme the BBC cobbled together tonight they called it snow too, so I guess it must be true.

You always know when it's snowed, even before you open the curtains. The light filtering through the chink in the curtains is brighter. And there's hardly a sound. Just muffled faraway noises. Everything seems at peace. And then after a while you hear the children laughing. Such a wonderful sound to wake up to. Distant laughter coming from the rows of back gardens all around us. I still start with excitement and sigh with delight at the beauty of the fresh, white world outside my window after the first snow fall of the winter.

When the snow comes I love how (most) people release their inner child and just have fun. Adults throw snow balls at each other in the street. Roads and pavements become honorary members of the playground. Kitchen trays become sledges. Snow people and snow animals morph seamlessly out of the ground. Neighbours work together to make igloos in the park, which their kids then take no interest in whatsoever.

This year of course it was Leelah's first experience of snow and I think she enjoyed it. I know we've all seen plenty of snow pictures today but your child's first snow is another one of those happy moments to treasure. So to add to the glut of wintry, white photos already online, here are my highlights of today's snowy adventures.

There's a serious side to the effects of the cold weather too. Remember to check up on elderly neighbours and relatives and of course there are people who don't have a roof over their heads so spare a thought, hot drink or blanket for them. Maybe even give a bit of money or time to local charities that help homeless people. I've donated a little food and money to Bristol Soup Run Trust this year. I know it doesn't solve the root of the problems, we need to pressure government for that so that less and less people are in a situation where they need the help of such charities. Another blog post for another day I think.

For now I'm going to enjoy the snow, whether it's building a snow person or curling up on the sofa with a nice hot cuppa.