Wednesday, 16 January 2013

About time too!

I've been threatening this for a long time. It's just what the world needs isn't it? Another blog.

It's only taken me a year of procrastination and fannying about to get this far, to put my fingers to keys and tap tappety tap some words for someone out there to read and maybe comment on. Or maybe it's just for me to whizz out the sometimes chaotic content of my grey matter so that I can empty out this old head of mine. 

A picture selected for no good reason other than I like it
So what am I going to write? Well I had this idea of being all PR and organised and launching the blog with a slick design and tabs and all that shit. In the end I just thought to myself: 'Just get on with it woman and write SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Just start the damn thing and see what happens.' So that's what I am doing right now.

So let's see then. I won't be focusing on anything in particular but it's bound to reflect my life and experiences. That means that it will be all over the place; happy, sad, funny, mundane, reflective, self indulgent, silly, visual, ranty etc. I'd like it if eventually it was useful and informative, but let's not aim too high just yet eh!?

Inevitably there'll be some stuff about being a parent, but there'll also be stuff about getting out of the house and seeing bands (fuck yeh!). Oh and I might swear, so easily offended types look away now as I won't be using ###s. 

Best of all (for those of you already in the know) I will be keeping you up to date with #NappingBrother so look out for further instalments.

For now I will leave you with this list of 10 great songs that I love. #10 Songs will definitely be a regular blog post and I'd love you to share yours with me too. 

Spotify them, You Tube them or find them however you wish. Listen and enjoy:
Sergio Mendes - Cristal Illusions
MGMT – Time To Pretend
Ween – Japanese Cowboy & Buenos Tardes Amigos
Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love
Beach Boys – God Only Knows
Aaron Neville – Hercules
Ryan Adams – New York

The Primitives - Through the Flowers
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bell Bottom
De La Soul - Ring, Ring, Ring