Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saying Goodbye to Pregnancy

In yesterday's post I mentioned that this will be the last time I go through pregnancy. As the final hours and days of this pregnancy rolled by I found myself wishing to preserve and share the incredible change in my body that has created, nurtured and carried two lives into this world. The pregnant body is often hidden away and yet it is also treated as a free for all, commented on and critiqued in the media and complete strangers feel they can remark openly about your size or even touch your burgeoning bump.

The transformation of the female body during pregnancy is nothing short of astonishing, both inside and out. I love this animation from the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago of the internal changes as the mother's organs make way for the growing baby. It is amazing that our bodies can cope with such dramatic and swift change.

I can honestly say that despite the stretchmarks and aching hips I have felt more body confident during pregnancy than at any other time in my life. I only hope that I can take this feeling of empowerment and confidence into my post pregnancy life.

So as I bid a bittersweet farewell to this pregnancy I also look forward to the new journey my body will take over the course of my life as a mother.

Photo by Benjamin Robert Muir

Thank you to my dear friend Sam Lacey (@misssamlacey) who took these three photos for me and who is a constant source of support, love and light in my life.

I really wanted to blog a photo that included the transformation of the bump and breasts but sadly I decided against it as I don't want the image to be misused. It is a shame as it is an incredibly powerful image and probably the best one from the set that Sam took. But at least I have it to look back on.

Thanks also to Corinne of Motherhood Journeys blog who inspired me with this post